TRIRIGA Related Solutions

If you're looking for TRIRIGA software solutions look no further

If you're looking for TRIRIGA software solutions, look no further than Adaptive Workplace Solutions. Our team of specialists has extensive experience implementing TRIRIGA tools in various workplaces. We understand the complexities involved in managing a workplace, and our goal is to ensure that TRIRIGA compliments your business perfectly. In this blog post, we'll explain the different TRIRIGA related solutions we offer.

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TRIRIGA Building Insights

TRIRIGA Building Insights is a tool that helps you manage your building portfolio by providing accurate, real-time data. This data can be used to improve decision making, identify cost savings opportunities, and more. With TRIRIGA Building Insights, you'll have the information you need to make informed decisions about your workplace.

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TRIRIGA Assistant

TRIRIGA Assistant is a smart, conversational AI assistant that helps you manage your workplace. It uses the same frictionless technology that we all have in our homes, and it's another way to meet the ever-growing expectations of the workforce. TRIRIGA Assistant can help you with tasks like scheduling meeting rooms, ordering office supplies, and more.

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IBM Maximo Integrator for TRIRIGA

IBM Maximo Integrator for TRIRIGA allows you to plan and manage the movement of assets and people in your facilities in IBM TRIRIGA. With this tool, you can use Maximo Asset Management to carry out the moves and gather the associated costs. This can help you reduce operational costs and improve process efficiency.

Sensors and Real-Time Data

Receive accurate, real-time data about your workplace with our sensor-based TRIRIGA solution. TRIRIGA can learn the behavior of the things and people in the building with respect to energy usage, providing a comprehensive view of all systems. This data can be used to predict usage and detect anomalies, which can save enterprises time and money.

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