Facility Condition Assessment

How often do you inspect your portfolio’s equipment and assets?

Facility Condition informs your business about the overall health and condition of its properties. We maintain a detailed inventory of your portfolio’s assets by implementing a structured inspection. Our inspection provides organizations with in-depth knowledge of facilities, machinery, and equipment. With regularly scheduled maintenance, businesses can forecast financials and estimate budgets as they evaluate an asset’s life cycle, safeguarding against unexpected loss and critical shutdowns.

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Adaptive Workplace Solutions

Our team simplifies the intake and prioritization of work requests to maintain your asset portfolio. Our Facility Condition Assessment solution operates within the IBM® TRIRIGA® framework to capture, track and analyze data, adding transparency to how you measure operations to create a financially sustainable budget. Contact us today for more information.

Stay Informed on Your Real Estate Portfolio Assets

If you don’t keep up with your business’s portfolio, it’s easy to lose track of your assets and their specifications. This is a problem because, if forgotten about for too long, your assets could fall into disrepair, leading to a negative ripple effect throughout your organization. Adaptive Workplace Solutions seeks to prevent this. We’re extremely knowledgeable in the IBM TRIRIGA ecosystem, and we’ll help your business utilize it to conduct a facility assessment. Let’s work together to extend the life of your facilities and equipment with the help of our advanced facilities management technologies.

Maintenance Operations Management

Ensure the viability and functionality of your business’s assets at all times with our Maintenance Operations Management service. IBM TRIRIGA provides both preventative and demand maintenance solutions, so you can get support scheduled or during an emergency. Maintenance Operations Management also logs preventive and demand data, allowing you to better understand the costs associated with running your facility. In other words, our facilities management technologies help keep you in the loop.

By providing expert guidance through the process, Adaptive Workplace Solutions will help you handle maintenance requests, resolve problems, and uncover hidden costs to achieve an optimized, productive, and safe workplace experience for everyone within your organization. 

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Project and Program Management

Organize your project and program data, budget, and resources with our Project and Program Management solution. Applications from IBM TRIRIGA can help your business track projects and programs from inception to completion, making it easier to meet time and budget constraints. The interactive, customizable dashboards keep all the necessary information together, so you can easily collect data with precision. Not only does this lead to successful delivery, but also a thorough understanding of project and program costs thanks to our advanced facilities management technologies.

Adaptive Workplace Solutions is here to help your business navigate the tools provided by IBM TRIRIGA. With a solid foundational understanding of these resources, your organization can boost its speed and efficiency, meet proposed timelines, and stay within budget. Reach out now to learn more about how our corporate real estate and facilities management technologies can help set you up for success.

What Is the Facility Condition Assessment Process?

The process of utilizing facilities management technologies from IBM TRIRIGA consists of four simple steps. Adaptive Workplace Solutions will ensure your business can use them to analyze the existing and projected conditions of your assets and systems. 

01. Plan and Setup:

  • Define the goals of this assessment. Identify criteria, templates, setup data, and more to support the goals.

02. Assess:

  •  Inspect your facilities, properties, and systems and document their conditions and issues.

03. Analyze:

  • Review and analyze your condition ratings to determine priorities. Reference and revise your initial goals as needed.

04. Execute:

  • Schedule the necessary tasks and maintenance to resolve the issues.

If you need additional information or guidance, get in touch with us.

Let’s Help You Understand Your Facilities and Assets

At Adaptive Workplace Solutions, we’re the experts in workplace management tools, and we utilize our corporate real estate and facilities management technologies to their fullest potential. We can help your business integrate and gain a comprehensive understanding of IBM TRIRIGA solutions, so you can create an agile work environment, maintain your portfolio’s assets, and prevent unexpected shutdowns. Your business objective is our top priority, so contact us today to begin.