About Us

When you need IBM TRIRIGA solutions for your business, then Adaptive Workplace Solutions is the perfect place for you. At Adaptive Workplace Solutions, your business objective is our top priority. Our experienced team specializes in providing customized application solutions to help create the perfect ecosystem for your business.

We leverage data collections of your business in order to optimize your facilities with the recommended process improvements. Our specialists also use case scenarios — from concept acquisition, onboarding, and operations — to help find the right improvements for your specific needs. 

  • Our product segments include:
  • Real Estate
  • Space & Move Management
  • Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)
  • Capital Project/Program Management
  • Maintenance Management

We only offer the best solutions for all of our clients, providing solutions that are made to help your business adapt and grow. Our team offers cloud-based, hosted (on TRIRIGA’s servers), locally installed solutions for your company’s computers and servers.

Our founders, Alex Kovelman and Scott Geller, have years of experience working with TRIRIGA and helping businesses across a wide variety of industries. We’re determined to be the leaders in IBM TRIRIGA solutions for businesses of all sizes. Using our innovative process, we’ve developed improvements for countless companies.

Have a question about our TRIRIGA solutions? Want to learn more about our solutions or our company? Contact Adaptive Workplace Solutions to get more information and to get started on your services today!