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Here at Adaptive Workplace Solutions, we provide businesses with top-rated IBM TRIRIGA solutions to help them adapt and grow. Our team of dedicated professionals have years of experience in TRIRIGA consulting and are always looking for ways to help our clients succeed. We have helped many businesses migrate to TRIRIGA successfully, saving them time, money, and resources along the way. TRIRIGA is an impressive solution that can take your business to the next level, but it needs professional assistance in order to do so. IBM TRIRIGA is a complex system and failure to take the proper steps in TRIRIGA consulting can lead to problems and delays later on. Keep scrolling to learn about the TRIRIGA services we can provide for you and experience the difference of partnering with us for your corporate real estate and facilities management technology needs.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the leading strategic resources of an organization. IBM TRIRIGA provides your business with insights to determine if a lease or acquisition of a new space is operationally sound. The TRIRIGA solution collects detailed information to help justify all of your complex Real Estate decisions. At Adaptive Workplace Solutions we guide you through IBM TRIRIGA’s ecosystem to streamline operational procedures that minimize real estate spend while identifying critical areas and their need for assessment. Learn more about our TRIRIGA real estate technologies to see what we can do for you.

Space & Move Management

Space and Move Management solutions provide detailed analytical insight into space occupancy and usage to better understand your day-to-day operations. IBM TRIRIGA strategically positions your organization to operate efficiently. With the ability to forecast space requirements and streamline move management, you can plan and optimize space inventory to ensure the effectiveness of your existing footprint as well as any plans (or adjustments) for future growth. Learn more about our TRIRIGA space and move management solutions to help your business grow!

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Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) informs your business about the overall health and condition of its properties. Maintaining a detailed inventory of your portfolio’s assets by implementing a structured inspection provides organizations in-depth knowledge of facilities, machinery, and equipment. With regularly scheduled maintenance, businesses can forecast financials and estimate budgets as they evaluate an asset’s life-cycle, safeguarding against unexpected loss and critical shutdowns. Learn more about our TRIRIGA FCA facilities management technologies to see how our business can help yours.

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Capital Project/Program Management

Capital projects and program management organizes and manages your resources, funding sources and people to all related tasks within a scope of work. IBM TRIRIGA’s solutions provide a comprehensive understanding of costs from inception through completion for the build-out for your facilities, delivering on time and within budget. IBM TRIRIGA provides fully interactive and customizable dashboards which act as a centralized hub to easily classify and understand your project and program information. Learn about our capital project and program management to help optimize your company today!

Maintenance Operations Management

Maintenance operations management delivers scheduled maintenance activities using procedural checklists to record inspections and route them to shop specialists. With detailed information in hand, specialists troubleshoot repairs, saving you time and money. Demand maintenance responds to work requests as they originate, managing scheduled job information, work assignments and allocation of resources to measure the performance of your team and how it correlates to SLAs. Resource Management allows your organization to achieve optimal productivity and decreases financial inefficiencies. Get to know our maintenance operations management to see how we can help.


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