Space and Move Management

How effective is your portfolio in its existing footprint?

Space and Move Management solutions provide detailed analytical insight into space occupancy and usage to better understand your day-to-day operations. IBM® TRIRIGA® strategically positions your organization to operate efficiently. With the ability to forecast space requirements and streamline move management, you can plan and optimize space inventory to ensure the effectiveness of your existing footprint as well as any plans (or adjustments) for future growth.

Adaptive Workplace Solutions offers your organization insight, guidance, and practical solutions to help move your business forward. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our facilities management and corporate real estate technologies can help push your business ahead.

Improve Your Workplace Management

By optimizing your business’s space, you can achieve increased productivity among your employees. You’ll gain insight into how your current space is performing, as well as accurate forecasting to plan more efficient moves. With our guidance and the use of IBM TRIRIGA, Adaptive Workplace Solutions will ensure your workplace is as dynamic and flexible as possible. We specialize in customized application solutions, so your business can get the most out of the IBM TRIRIGA ecosystem, and our facilities management technologies can help set you up for long-term growth.

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Complementary Solutions

Asset Management

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Building Insights by IBM®/Internet of Things

(IoT) Software Capabilities

Lease Accounting Management

Reservation Management

Strategic Facilities Assessment

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Asset Management

Business assets include technology, furniture, and equipment utilized in day-to-day operations. IBM TRIRIGA enables you to log and manage your assets and their specifications. This makes current and future office space planning much easier.

Building Insights by IBM®

Gain live insights into your business’s occupancy and frequency metrics. Thanks to AI-driven data collected from your Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor, WiFi, and building, IBM TRIRIGA allows you to transform your workplace into an environment that better supports everyone. Adaptive Workplace Solutions will help you understand the data and use it to implement solutions. Say goodbye to frustrating space issues and hello to intelligent real estate management with our corporate real estate and facilities management technologies.

Lease Accounting

Simplify your lease accounting practices. IBM TRIRIGA supports current and former accounting standards, so you can ensure you’re compliant. Manage your accounting data, evaluate your renewal options, and review growth assumptions all in one place. 

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Reservation Management

Confusing workspace, equipment, and vehicle reservations can hinder productivity within the workplace. Through IBM TRIRIGA, you can integrate workplace reservations with select Microsoft products for ease of use. Your employees will enjoy improved functionality on an interface they understand. Adaptive Workplace Solutions offers further guidance on how this works.

Strategic Facilities Assessment

What is the current condition of your workplace facilities and systems? IBM TRIRIGA provides an extensive assessment so you can learn the existing and projected state of your facilities. This allows for proactive office space management and improved property and asset maintenance. Simply put, our facilities management technologies were designed specifically to set you up for success and make everything simpler.

Let us know how we can help your business take advantage of these solutions!

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61% of organizations tracking how their space is used report that 30-40% of workspaces are underutilized in a typical workday. (Source: JLL, Office Space Benchmarking)

At Adaptive Workplace Solutions, we want to help you optimize the way your business utilizes its space. IBM TRIRIGA provides the tools and resources you need to achieve a dynamic and productive workplace, and our team is eager to help guide you through the processes and offer expert recommendations through the help of our facilities management technologies. Once you begin tracking your business’s space occupancy and usage, we’ll work with you to analyze the insights, identify problem areas, and find effective solutions. Let’s help you get the most out of your property while also establishing a space management strategy. 

Let’s Move Your Business Forward

When you don’t understand the way your business and employees utilize your space, it’s impossible to maximize productivity or plan a quick, efficient move. That’s where Adaptive Workplace Solutions comes in. We’re knowledgeable in IBM TRIRIGA and workplace management, and we make your business objective our top priority. By working with us, you can ensure an effective footprint in your current space and plan for future growth in a new one. We specialize in corporate real estate and facilities management technologies and we’d love to lend a helping hand in setting your business up for long-term success. Get in touch today to get started!