Space & Move Management

How effective is your portfolio in its existing footprint?

Space and Move Management solutions provide detailed analytical insight into space occupancy and usage to better understand your day-to-day operations. IBM® TRIRIGA® strategically positions your organization to operate efficiently. With the ability to forecast space requirements and streamline move management, you can plan and optimize space inventory to ensure the effectiveness of your existing footprint as well as any plans (or adjustments) for future growth.

Adaptive Workplace Solutions offers your organization insight, guidance, and practical solutions based to help more your business forward.

Complementary Solutions

  • Asset Management
  • Building Insights by IBM®/Internet of Things (IoT) Software Capabilities
  • Lease Accounting Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Strategic Facilities Assessment


61% of organizations track how their space is used reporting that 30-40% of workspaces are underutilized in a typical workday. (Source: JLL, Office Space Benchmarking)