Adaptive Plus: Offers Past Technology

At Adaptive Workplace Solutions, we’re known for the revolutionary IBM TRIRIGA® products we provide businesses. Not only do these technology solutions assist with facility and equipment assessments, but they can also change the way companies handle space and move management. But, did you know we do more? Read on to find out what the team at Adaptive Workplace Solutions can do beyond technology, then contact us today to get started.

Two Support Tiers

When businesses turn to us for IBM TRIRIGA® solutions, we’re pleased to offer annual support agreements to assist with troubleshooting and product capabilities. We offer these agreements with two tiers: basic support and premium support. Our basic tier covers troubleshooting and problem escalations, while the premium tier includes the basic tier as well as platform and application upgrades.

Product Training

If a business is new to IBM TRIRIGA®, we’re pleased to provide product training to help them learn more about it and its capabilities. We host virtual and in-person training sessions, and we can customize them as needed. In addition, we’ll provide helpful training guides.

Consultancy Services

Not sure if IBM TRIRIGA® is right for your business? Partner with us for our consultancy and advisory services. We can analyze your business process, offer subject matter expertise, and assist with fine-tuning your process efficiency. 

Get Started With Us Today

Backed by unrivaled knowledge of IBM TRIRIGA® and a supportive team that wants to see businesses succeed, Adaptive Workplace Solutions is here to provide all the tools your company needs to grow and thrive. Beyond offering IBM TRIRIGA® products, we’ll gladly help businesses learn everything they need to utilize those products to the fullest extent. Let us help you discover what IBM TRIRIGA® can do for you, and get started with us today.

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