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Harness the power of IBM® TRIRIGA® in the palm of your hand. TANGARA gives you fast access to live, accurate system data right on your iPhone. 

IBM® TRIRIGA® is recognized as the best‐in‐class IWMS solution, providing an integrated workplace management system to increase operational, financial and environmental performance of facilities. IBM® TRIRIGA® assists in streamlining management activities by maintaining accurate and up‐to‐date information to help increase productivity and return on investment.

Streamline your business process.

  • Eliminate error-prone and time consuming paperwork.
  • Reduce ineffective travel time and foot traffic.
  • Increase technician "hands-on time".
  • Receive Approval notifications.
  • Make Approval decisions.
  • Raise new Job Requests.
  • View existing Job Requests.
  • Add new Assets.
  • Identify and View Asset data.
  • Manage your assigned Work Tasks.

Today’s technology working for your business success.

  • Mobile access to IBM® TRIRIGA® ‐ employees no longer need to be tied to their desks to participate in the business process.
  • Data can be managed remotely, entered rapidly and accurately; ensuring data integrity.
  • Uses iPhone; a powerful, multi‐use, sophisticated business tool with large screen size and it’s renowned easy to use multi‐touch, gesture navigation.
  • The best coverage ‐ takes advantage of iPhone’s seamless wireless integration between WiFi and mobile cellular networks. (GPRS, Edge, 3G and HSDPA)
  • TANGARA sessions persist even if interrupted by in coming phone calls.
  • Fully compatible with new and existing IBM® TRIRIGA® installations.
  • Fully configurable to suit your specific organization’s business requirements.
  • Lowers operating costs and improves worker performance by streamlining the flow of information and eliminating paperwork.

Take advantage of a mobile workforce.

  • Easy-to-use interface. Intuitive and logical design.
    Uses iPhone’s notification system that alerts users whenever they are required to action Approvals.
  • It’s fast! The application starts up in a couple of seconds providing access to your IBM® TRIRIGA® system.
  • User Security is consistent with existing IBM® TRIRIGA® settings.
  • Utilizes iPhone’s inbuilt camera as an advanced barcode scanning tool to track assets.
  • All application updates are controlled centrally and distributed seamlessly to all TANGARA users without need for reinstallation.
  • Integration with IBM® TRIRIGA® uses a separate middleware server simply configured to meet your mobility needs.
  • Whitesmiths can customize TANGARA to access and create any items in IBM® TRIRIGA® on a per install basis.
  • Supports the raising of job requests, the approvals process, asset management and work task management.

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