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Strategic facilities planning

Another way to manage facilities more effectively is to use a fairly complex decision-support process known as strategic facilities planning to understand core business goals and the needs of individual business units—and their occupancy consequences. However, there is a payoff: the greater the complexity and rigor of this decision-support process, the higher the return on facility assets. 

TRIRIGA delivers strategic facilities planning processes that simplify strategic and tactical planning, while they accelerate implementation of high-return scenarios to improve the effectiveness of a distributed workforce and increase space utilization.

These TRIRIGA solutions deliver unique features that:

  • Forecast gaps between business demands for space and availability of space over time
  • Analyze, rank and recommend best-fit planning scenarios to increase the utilization of underperforming facilities
  • Automate the creation of move projects and required real estate actions based on planning decisions made throughout the scenario-modeling phases

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