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Organizations risk millions in revenue and cost reduction in today’s competitive business environment if they fail to deliver new construction and renovation projects in a timely manner. Projects need to be performed and delivered under the constraints of scope, time and cost. These three constraints often compete and result in a fourth constraint, quality. Project control is that element of a project that keeps it in-scope, on-time and within budget and accelerates effective delivery of quality projects.

TRIRIGA Projects delivers complete, enterprise-wide capital project management with tools that control project scope, time, and cost. It streamlines the project delivery with integrated processes that include design, schedule and cost management coupled with embedded document management.

Scope Management

TRIRIGA Projects improves project scope management to ensure delivered projects are aligned with planned designs. Design and document management capture design documents such as drawings, specifications and other scope documents while embedded design review processes communicate and audit required scope revisions. TRIRIGA Projects’ integrated document management provides a collaborative repository for all project documents. Document check-in and check-out processes capture all revisions while the publications object groups and versions sets of documents. Documents are directly linked to and accessible from project records such as bid documents and contracts.

Schedule Management

TRIRIGA Projects increases on-time and early delivery of projects with a comprehensive set of tools that manage project schedule. Project risk management, request for information (RFI) management and critical path scheduling ensure the efficient delivery of projects. TRIRIGA Projects’ risk management mitigates potential impacts to the schedule before construction begins. Risks are identified along with risk analysis, mitigation options and contingency plans. TRIRIGA Projects’ critical path scheduling includes Gantt charts which focus efforts on tasks that affect the on-time and early completion of projects. Schedule templates standardize tasks to reduce cycle times. TRIRIGA Projects’ RFI management accelerates timely responses to critical questions and issues before they delay project schedules.

Cost Management

TRIRIGA Projects streamlines project cost management activities to improve delivery within a project’s budget. TRIRIGA Projects includes budget, bid, contract and payment management processes and controls to effectively manage project finances. TRIRIGA Projects automates the transfer of line item details from bids to contracts to change orders and invoices to eliminate errors and redundant efforts. Project cost reports provide drill-down analysis of budgets, commitments, change orders and actual costs to improve effective financial control of projects. TRIRIGA Projects’ cost management integrates with an organization’s financial and ERP systems to improve compliance with organizational fiscal controls and reporting.

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