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TRIRIGA’s extensible application platform makes applications adaptable to unique customer needs

In today’s rapid business environment, progressive organizations must retain both strategic advantage and operational excellence. They must have adaptable business processes, coupled with an agile technology platform to support their changing business needs. Business solutions require extensible application features, adaptable business logic and scalability to perform as demands grow. The technology behind the applications; its architecture, its ability to integrate with other critical business systems and its ability to adapt are crucial to successful deployment and user adoption.

The TRIRIGA Application Platform™ provides customers with graphical and highly intuitive configuration tools to rapidly configure and re- configure applications and extend application value. The use of standards-based technology, interfaces and high-performance workflow process engine drive interoperability with critical business systems. TRIRIGA’s n-tiered architecture and performance benchmarks provide key tools and system configuration guidance to achieve enterprise-class scalability. 


The TRIRIGA Application Platform reduces traditional software development time up to 33% through the use of more than 16 web-based designers. TRIRIGA Application Platform designers configure, extend and add new application functionality without changes to source code. TRIRIGA customers model their unique business processes with the same configuration tools used to build pre-defined TRIRIGA applications. TRIRIGA’s object migration tool preserves changes made to customer applications during upgrades.


The TRIRIGA Application Platform improves interoperability to an organization’s critical business systems such as financial management and ERP systems. The TRIRIGA Application Platform provides four key integration tools to connect TRIRIGA applications and processes to other enterprise systems.
TRIRIGA BusinessConnect provides a Web Service API used to insert, update and query operations for all records within the TRIRIGA applications. TRIRIGA DataConnect provides a bulk load data migration utility to import data into TRIRIGA records. Single Sign-on Integration (SSO) overrides TRIRIGA’s login process with external LDAP or Active Directory authentication. TRIRIGA Offline capabilities provide a dynamic import and export of TRIRIGA data using formatted Microsoft® Office Excel speadsheets that are automatically processed as email attachments.


TRIRIGA’s platform technology ensures on-line and asynchronous process performance through a scalable n-tier architecture. TRIRIGA’s platform was built to meet the needs of large Fortune® 100 and Federal government organizations with deployments of tens of thousands of users. TRIRIGA’s platform technology scales horizontally to provide scalable application performance with added web servers, application servers and the separation of synchronous on-line transaction processes from asynchronous processes. TRIRIGA publishes platform performance benchmarks to provide sizing requirements and performance configuration guidelines to ensure enterprise-class performance. 

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