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Streamlining management activities and maintaining accurate and up-to-date information about your organisation’s workplace assets is a collaborative effort. But, not all essential collaborators have constant access to the internet.

TRIRIGA Offline is a platform technology that saves substantial time in gathering, storing and distributing information between offline users and TRIRIGA applications. You can utilize TRIRIGA Offline in many places throughout your organization’s workplace. As examples, you can employ TRIRIGA Offline to capture work task invoices, enter budget information while on an airplane, capture real estate transaction data in an Excel form, quickly abstract a lease and upload it to TRIRIGA once your connection is re-established, and much more. The unique capabilities of TRIRIGA Offline enable your organization to:

  • Ensure Accurate Data - Increase the accuracy of information between TRIRIGA and offline users by reducing redundant and inaccurate data entry.
  • Save Time - Save substantial time in gathering, storing and distributing information for the TRIRIGA application. Through automated synchronization with Excel, TRIRIGA processes information with accuracy and speed.
  • Easy to Use - Simply check-in or email the Excel document to TRIRIGA where it is automatically validated and synchronized into your system.
  • Increase Productivity - Increase employee productivity by allowing them to work anytime, anywhere without having to enter their work into TRIRIGA at a later date.
  • Decrease Costs - Improve operating margins by decreasing the cost of governance and ensuring greater compliance with corporate policies and procedures.
  • Get Started Quickly - Occasional Users with little or no training can interact with TRIRIGA applications in a familiar Excel environment.
  • Empower Your Supply Chain - Third party vendors can enter data for bids, surveys, prices, questionnaires, etc. without needing access to your TRIRIGA application or utilizing your staff for data entry. 

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