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TRIRIGA Facilities, a leading computer-aided facilities management software, delivers advanced space planning and facilities management features to improve space planning and increase facility utilization. Specifically, IBM® TRIRIGA® facilities management software identifies under-utilized facilities, analyzes strategic space planning scenarios, and streamlines actions to align facility utilization with strategic business drivers.

TRIRIGA provides a single system to manage the life cycle of facilities. It delivers business analytics, critical alerts and automated processes to increase visibility, control & automation of real estate management, capital projects, space management, facility maintenance and energy management. TRIRIGA provides an integrated workplace management system to increase operational, financial and environmental performance of facilities.
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While IBM® TRIRIGA® is recognized as the best‐in‐class Integrated Workplace Management System, TANGARA takes TRIRIGA to the next level by extending your TRIRIGA system to mobile users. Further drive productivity, accurate and timely data capture and the better scheduling of resources. Employees no longer need to be tied to their desk‐top environment to actively participate in the business process. Whitesmiths has developed a sophisticated iPhone application that delivers seamless integration with TRIRIGA, essentialfortoday’s mobile workforce.
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Tailored Solutions

Even though the type of data that your organization consumes may not be unique, the business rules and processes that are employed to gather, organize, communicate and consume information are unique to your organization.

Our team of experienced solution architects  will  tailor a solution that will compliment your business practices.

Become one of our clients and enjoy the competitive advantages of an enterprise-wide Integrated Workplace Management System. 
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