AWS Solutions

About AWS

AWS specializes in IBM® TRIRIGA® and Whitesmith's Tangara Mobile Application installation, configuration and customization.  We are authorized resellers  of IBM TRIRIGA software and Whitesmith’s Tangara mobile solution.

About AWS

Adaptive Workplace Solutions (AWS) was formed by TRIRIGA specialists that have spent more than 10 years working together in the Facilities and Real Estate department of a Manhattan financial firm.

Our unique perspective allows us to provide our customers with insight, guidance, and practical solutions based on our daily interaction with the Facilities team and our experience within the TRIRIGA application.

Business Transformation

At AWS, we recognize that even though you have a hammer, not everything is a nail.
Leveraging technology is a key component to the solution equation, but is not the only solution to your organization’s daily challenges.

Beyond applications, our services provide detailed analysis of current state process and a path forward, which will allow for a more agile work place.

Faster Time to Deployment

In order to maximize time to deployment, Adaptive Workplace Solutions employs A Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology.

This methodology allows us to establish a tight-knit working relationship with our clients and a much faster time to deployment.